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WOW gallery show with "Waiting for you"

Recently had the privilege of displaying my work at the WOWXWOW gallery 'fiends of the dark II' art show. It ran from 4/1 to 4/29. I was along side 60 other well known amazingly talented artists. I was given the instructions to create a piece within the dark realm that would still coincide with my current body of work. Well I am currently working with the theme of portals, so I found a way to include a portal within the mirror, where this girls future awaits her. I was originally going in another direction with this piece that involved a skull and while developing that sketch I saw this image. It was a young girl playing patty cake with here dead reflection. I then continued down that rabbit hole and saw she was sitting in what appeared to be a pond, This allowed me to add the elements of reflection and ripples. I have been a long time fan of Salvador Dali, so some of that inspiration played a roll in producing this double image. Another thought while drawing this piece was the fractal continuity of an eternal loop within itself, using the main focal point of the candle light. You may view this image looped on my instagram page at dakosart.

This original piece is still on display for purchase at the WOW website.


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