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Alex Dakos drawing in his studio space

About Alex


Meet Alexander M. Dakos: The Surreal Artist Behind the Magic

Born and raised in the sun-kissed landscapes of California, Alexander M. Dakos is a talented Los Angeles-based artist whose unique and intricate ink works have garnered recognition and admiration from art enthusiasts worldwide. Alex's artistic journey began at an early age, and his passion for creativity ignited a lifelong pursuit of artistic excellence.

Early Inspiration and Artistic Journey:

The spark of art ignited within Alex at a tender age, propelling him to embark on a quest of self-expression and imagination. He started taking art and painting lessons, honing his skills and exploring the vast realm of artistic possibilities. His early artistic endeavors did not go unnoticed, earning him accolades and art honors during his school years, a testament to his innate talent and dedication to the craft.

Continuing on his artistic path, Alex pursued higher education in the field of art history and achieved an Associate of Arts degree. While formal education enriched his understanding of the art world, he attributes the majority of his growth to self-taught learning through relentless practice and unwavering passion.

Versatility in Styles and Mediums:

What sets Alex apart is his incredible versatility. He fearlessly dives into an array of styles and mediums, embracing ink, graphite, oil paint, spray paint, and digital art. His work reflects a rich tapestry of artistic exploration, where he seamlessly weaves together elements of surrealism, fantasy, and intricate detailing.

Beyond the Canvas:

While art is a significant part of his life, Alex's interests extend far beyond his creative endeavors. He finds joy in the culinary arts, savoring the delights of cooking, and experimenting with flavors. Nature calls to him, and he often embarks on hikes, seeking inspiration in the great outdoors. Alex is also a lover of culture and entertainment, frequently attending shows, and sharing moments of laughter and connection with his wife.

A Global Impact:

Alex's artwork has transcended borders and been embraced by collectors from around the world. His creations resonate with people from all walks of life, spreading not just creativity but also a deep sense of positivity and 'good vibes.' Each piece of art is a testament to his dedication to inspire and uplift through his craft.

Alexander M. Dakos is more than an artist; he is a storyteller, an explorer of the surreal, and a beacon of creativity. His art is a journey into the extraordinary, a testament to the power of self-expression, and a source of inspiration for all who have the privilege of witnessing his work.

Artist Statement

My artistic journey is an inspired exploration of the profound and the mysterious, delving into the realms of philosophy, psychology, nature, and spirituality. My dedication to self-taught mastery and my innovative use of various mediums, from pen and graphite to ink and etching to oil paint on panel is what defines my style. This multifaceted approach allows me to breathe life into my vivid visions and delve deep into the intricate details of the world I create.

My work, which envisions a universe inhabited by enigmatic and otherworldly beings, provides a unique window into the fusion of life and death, the delicate dance of existence, and the human condition's inevitable vulnerability. Through my art, I am a conduit for the extraordinary, transmitting dreams and abstract concepts that challenge the boundaries of our imagination.

My style, a fusion of comic elements and classical fine art, invites viewers to immerse themselves in my moody surreal landscapes. The hyper-detailed cross-stipple line technique I employ captures the rich intricacies of the natural world, underscoring my commitment to revealing the hidden messages that surround us.

In my quest to inspire, I invite all to become seekers of the minutiae, to peer deeper into the world's hidden treasures, and to unleash their inner child's boundless imagination. My passion for sharing ideas and visions with the world is a gift, and my art serves as a beacon of inspiration and wonder.

My art is an invitation to take a deeper look within and embrace the beauty and complexity that surrounds us. I have many more ideas in store, and I’m ready to send waves of love and inspiration to all who encounter it.

All the best!


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