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About Alex


Alexander M. Dakos is a Surreal artist most recognized for his detailed ink works and fantasy creatures. He is a Los Angeles based artist and a native of California.


His interest in art was sparked at an early age and he started taking art & painting lessons to unleash his creativity. Alex has been creating and showcasing his artwork since childhood, where his early work was recognized and led to several art honors in school. Alex continued to study art history in college, where he earned an Associate of Arts degree. But most of what he's learned is self taught through practice. 


He loves to work in a variety of styles and mediums, everything between ink, graphite, oil paint, spray paint and digital. 


He also loves to cook, hiking in nature, going to shows and hanging out with his wife.  


Dakos art has been sold all over the world, spreading creativity and most importantly 'good vibes' with his collectors.

Artist Statement

I'm a self-taught American Artist inspired by philosophy, psychology, nature and religion. I work traditionally with pen and graphite on specialized paper, ink and engraving on Claybord or oil paints on wood panel. My artwork seeks to explore an alter universe where spontaneous visuals of new morphed creatures' dwell. My subject matter touches on the synergy between living things and sometimes dead things coexisting, while depicting the frailty of life and our impending mortality. I also transmit unusual dreams and visions of abstract concepts. The essence of what I’m trying to capture with my work, is a collaboration between dark moody surreal landscapes, laid out in a highly visual experience. My style tends to have a urban graphical vibe, but transformed into a more classical fine art illustrative look. My process is unique in translating the extra fine details found in the natural world, into the hyper detailed cross-stipple line style I execute. My goal is to study every aspect of my environment and the messages found within. Then to render them in a aesthetically pleasing way using various marking methods in order to reach the hearts of the viewer.

I encourage all to take a deeper look at the details found within and let your inner child imagine out loud. I have so many more ideas to share with you and the world. Thank you for taking the time to see my works and I hope they can send some inspiration your way!

-Alex Dakos

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